My Services

I believe anyone can benefit from therapy. Examining your emotions, beliefs, coping strategies and dynamics of your relationships can change your way of living and relating to others. Be it just a few sessions or a longer process, you will sure leave with new insights and a better knowledge of yourself.

Counseling is a space to voice your concerns in a non-judgmental environment where you are not only listened to, but you can safely explore your emotions, needs and possible solutions to your problems. It’s a relationship built on trust and what we discuss in sessions remains

Some common reasons people might seek therapy are:

  • experiencing difficult emotions, eg. persistent sadness or anxiety;
  • having trouble with self-regulation, coping with stress and calming yourself;
  • different relationship troubles that impact your life, eg. reoccurring marriage problems or work conflicts;
  • seeking emotional support during difficult times, eg. life transitions;
  • feeling stuck in life, lonely or burnt out;
  • having trouble with integration into a new culture;
  • recovering from difficult experiences, including trauma and loss;
  • seeking structure and new routine, eg. a healthier way of living;
  • a need for a formal diagnosis or assessment of your mental health;
  • other personal or professional difficulties that cause suffering;
  • simply a desire to know yourself better.

How do the sessions look like?

In our counselling sessions you can expect a deep discussion that will explore your thoughts, emotions and your personal history. Depending on your specific needs, we might also include other tools like mindfulness, breathing techniques or written exercises. The process is based on a deep personal connection – you are welcome to come to one consultation to get to know me before deciding whether you want to continue the therapeutic process.

Who do I work with?

I provide psychological counselling for adults at any stage of life and work primarily in English and Polish. I also speak high-German, although I rather recommend German-speaking clients to choose as their counsellor one of the many native speakers living in Switzerland. Because I believe therapy is based on a deep personal connection, I prefer to conduct the sessions in person, however online meetings are also possible when necessary.

Conditions and insurance coverage

The conditions of the sessions are discussed in detail in the first consultation, but my standard fee for a 50-minute consultation is 160 Sfr. and we would typically meet for weekly or bi-weekly sessions. As a psychologist registered by the FSP, your health insurance might cover my services or a part of the fees (usually through a complementary insurance), but this is highly dependant on your individual situation, so it is best to clarify it with your insurance provider.

If you are not sure if this is the right solution for you or you want to ask me some questions before booking a consultation, feel free to contact me.