Martyna Syguda

Psychologist FSP, based in Lucerne

I believe anyone can benefit from therapy. Examining your emotions, beliefs, coping strategies and dynamics of your relationships can change your way of living and relating to others. Be it just a few sessions or a longer process, you will sure leave with new insights and a better knowledge of yourself.

I decided I want to be a psychologist in my early teenage years and consequently worked towards that dream, eventually becoming a student at the psychology department of the University of Warsaw. I especially enjoyed courses on clinical psychology and chose a specialisation in psychotherapy, completing a Master’s degree and graduating with distinction in July 2013.

Counseling is a space to voice your concerns in a non-judgmental environment where you are not only listened to, but you can safely explore your emotions, needs and possible solutions to your problems. It’s a relationship built on trust and what we discuss in sessions remains confidential.